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Stefan Duchateau

Stefan Duchateau is a Professor at HU Brussels for Financial Engineering, Financial Risk Management and Advanced Portfolio Management. At University Leuven, Stefan teaches Security Pricing, Portfolio Selection and Investment Theory. At University Hasselt, Stefan teaches Financial Derivates.

Stefan is also a blogger of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe.


Elfriede Sixt

Elfriede Sixt is an auditor and tax advisor based in Vienna, Austria. She passed the US CPA exam in 1993 and has subsequently worked for many years as a partner and managing director at Ernst & Young in Vienna. Ms. Sixt has been dealing with FinTech for many years. She also deals with topics such as crowdfunding and has made her own contributions to this area, for example with her book “Swarm Economy and Crowdfunding”, which was published by SpringerGabler Verlag in 2014. Her second book, which dealt with cryptocurrencies entitled “Bitcoins and other decentralised transaction systems: Blockchains as the basis of a crypto-economy” was published in September 2016.

Elfriede Sixt has additionally been involved with cybercrime since 2018. She co-founded the association EFRI (European Funds Recovery Initiative), which deals with cyber fraud against consumers and also addresses the problem of money laundering among European financial service providers.


Rudy Hoskens

Rudy Hoskens is a Risk & Compliance Partner at PwC in Belgium, Brussels. He has been the competent leader of Forensic Services (Investigations and Litigation Support) since 2002. Prior to that, Rudy served in the Belgian Federal Police for 16 years. There, he gained over 10 years of experience as a team leader of one of the first federal fraud investigation bureaus in Belgium. He played an important role in putting together a fraud specialist team and carrying out special investigations in close collaboration with national and international judicial and fiscal authorities, handling and heading several major fraud investigations. During the years 1997 and 1998, Rudy also played an important leading investigative role in a major and mediatised investigation around sexual abuse in Belgium.


Olivier Goffard

Olivier Goffard is currently heading the Compliance & Ethics department at Euroclear. The team is composed of more than 50 professionals based in 10 countries in Europe, Hong Kong and New York. He just terminated an extensive transformation exercise which significantly ramped up the compliance function within Euroclear. The Euroclear compliance framework complies with the main European and non-European standards and supports the establishment of a strong compliance culture.

Olivier is also a Compliance & Ethics professional with both legal and audit backgrounds. He is a leader of a multicultural and multi locations team with strong commitment and relationship skills. He tries to position Compliance & Ethics not only as a robust second line of defence, but also as providing the business with some added-value to support them in reaching their objectives.


Claudia Zimmermann

Since mid-March 2019, Claudia Zimmermann has been responsible for the German-language content of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe. Claudia is a well-known German TV, radio and print journalist. She has been working as an investigative reporter and book author for three years and is mainly concerned with financial topics and future developments. Online brokers and cryptocurrencies are the topics on which she has been researching intensively for some time. Claudia has already written five books on the subject of online brokers such as “Terrorists of the Financial Markets” and the “International Financial Markets regarding the Brokerage Industry”.

“Cryptocurrencies: Risks and Opportunities of Investment” was her first book on the subject of cryptocurrencies. She has also written two novels about the abuse of power in the media, where she also detailed accounts of her own experiences. Claudia Zimmermann has her own Youtube channel “Gamesoftruth” where she reports critically on these topics and also on numerous fraudsters who cavort in the field of cryptocurrencies.


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Evert-Jan Lammers

After completing his studies in Economics, Evert-Jan Lammers worked for 11 years as an auditor at KPMG, first in Amsterdam, and then in Paris. In Paris, he worked for banks and large multinational corporations. Subsequently, he formed the Forensic Practice of KPMG in Belgium, which he has led for seven years. In 2004, he founded EBBEN Partners.

He is an Honorary Chair of the Institute of Fraud Auditors Belgium. He is also a Board Member of Transparency International Belgium and he chairs the Platform International Cooperation at the Institute for Financial Crime in The Hague. He was an Executive Professor at Antwerp Management School for 15 years. He also regularly publishes and gives speeches on the topic of Financial Economic Crime.



Jan van Koningsveld

Jan van Koningsveld is the founder of the Offshore Knowledge Centre. For over 25 years, Jan worked as an investigator at the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), the investigation service of the Dutch tax authorities. His work there involved preparing and carrying out criminal investigations into all kinds of financial and economic fraud. These investigations often have an international component. As a result, Jan has extensive experience with (foreign) money flows, legal entities, trusts, trust offices, offshore services and tracing actual beneficial owners (UBOs). At FIOD, Jan was a member of various multidisciplinary investigation teams that investigated organised crime in the Netherlands.

In the Offshore Knowledge Centre, Jan combines his practical experience as a FIOD investigator with his extensive legal and scientific knowledge. Jan was awarded his doctorate at Tilburg University on 7 October 2015. With substantive arguments and humour, Jan defended his PhD thesis with verve: The offshore world unmasked – a study into the nature and extent of abuse of offshore companies.

Egbert Krop

Egbert Krop

Egbert Krop is CFO at Iconic Capital, a Amsterdam based company, since January 2021. The investment products of Icoinic Capital are structured as traditional alternative investment funds. Before he started at Iconic Egbert worked at ING Netherlands as a Manager Audit & Compliance during more than 2 years.

He also worked at ING as a Senior Regulatory Project Manager. As a Certified Internal Auditor he was in charge of project / programmes within the Regulatory Implementation Team of Global Change Management at ING Netherlands.


Michel Klompmaker

Michel Klompmaker is the Managing Director of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe, which was established in 2014. The company has expanded rapidly into nine language websites, i.e. English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Czech-Slovakian, with the newsletters garnering more and more subscribers. He is also the Congress Chairman of the Risk & Compliance Annual Congress Brussels. Previously, Michel was the founder and publisher of Banking & Finance magazine, before taking the initiative to establish the Risk@360degrees Congresses in the Benelux.

In the Netherlands, he launched the Behavioural Risk Congress (Theme 2022 : Integrity) and the Risk & Compliance Annual Congress (Theme 2022 : The role of the gatekeepers anno 2022, public versus private sector). Michel is also co-founder of the Local Authorities Risk Congress that focus on the public sector in the Netherlands.


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